Super Special Editions

The ideas is this. If you buy a Super Special Edition from us, Julia and Simon will come to your house, a venue you've booked, a woodland grotto, your sleazy motel room, anywhere you like and they will play a show for you. They will record (or allow you to record) the show and then they will sign a binding contract transferring all the rights in the recording to you. This means that you can sell it, you can stick it on the pirate bay, you can encrypt it, put it on a memory stick, lock it in a box and hide it behind a heating vent in your apartment with the word 'mine' scrawled on it in your blood. It will be a limited edition album of one.

There are no restrictions on what you can do with either the performance or the recording. You can invite as many people as you like or charge admission if you want to. We will play for at least one hour and will make an effort to play any selection of songs (by us) that you want us to.

In addition to your limited to one edition album, you will receive a goodie bag stuffed with vinyl, books, cds and other ephemera from The Indelicates' Range of Lifestyle Enhancement Product.

Naturally, travel isn't free and there are places we can only get to at certain times and in certain circumstances. Please contact us with ANY queries, no matter how vague and we'll try and work something out:

ask us anything @
or on facebook or just via boring old email

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Need more convincing?
Download a complete SSE Show recorded in Glasgow and made available by the buyers (proceeds go to them) for 20p or as much as you'd like here:

Watch this video shot at a SSE show in Stuttgart, 2011

Look at this picture of a Contract being signed in Port Byron, IL

Now look at this picture of us rocking out in a rehearsal studio SSE show in New York City

Now listen to this preview of Anthem For Doomed Youth from a SSE show in Cambridge

Hear what a nice time everyone is having?
Julia and Simon