Simon Indelicate: Koresh

Julia Indelicate: Lois Roden

Lily Rae: Kiri Jewell

Jim Bob: Timothy McVeigh

The Vessel: ATF Agent 1

Philip Jeays: ATF Agent 2

Patrick Vinton: Reporter

Britton Beisenherz : ATF Commander

Todd Pertll: A Texan

Joie Mikitson: A Texan


Keith TOTP, Dave Barnett, Tom Wylie, Alex Sarll, Aug Stone, Lydia Snodin, Sophie Wilk, Olivia Sivelli, David Ice Caps


Simon Indelicate: Guitar

Julia Indelicate: Piano

Al Clayton: Guitar, Guns

Ed Van Beinum: Drums

Laurence Owen: Bass

Sara Passmore: Saw

Katy Rose Cox: Fiddle

Todd Pertll: Banjo, Pedal Steel, Dobro

Roberto Sanchez: Drums

The Indelicates: All Other Instruments contact us