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mr questionare

Location: New Hartford, US

Contact: 8606894713


Words: im 15 a rapper, and songwriter, proud to be signed, and i sing pop. i love myself, love brodcasting on I suffer from anxiety and depression. I love to be Creative draw and be awsome. I love to just go out there and tell the world my story. most of my tracks are on my depression, and most of them arnt, i will continue to upload good music, @moterbikesareb2 is my twitteer, 16 in 4months. enjoy my music,i dediacte alot of time and effort into each track, ignore the fuzzy sound, i try to remove as much of that as possible. due to low quality edits i cant do that, but i have a pro tools, and fl stuidoo 12 so. living with 8 siblings earning money was hard, ive always had a passion for music, so staying ture,. Victor hardy is my name on the way to fame, hit the glory.

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