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Words: In the course of making This Radio Life, I've found it necessary to make stupid bits of fake music to play in the background - sometimes I was able to use the uplifting, whimsical sounds of the royalty free music in the Google/Youtube library, but more often than not, if I needed to convey an emotion other than an inoffensive attachment to the muted joy of everyday living, I had to just make background music myself. I don't imagine that these tracks on their own are ever something I could make money from so I'm hosting them here for you to download and placing them all under a Creative Commons license so that you can use them yourself to make whatever it is you need a minute of nu-country about going to a bar for.

They are under a CC-Attribution licence, as detailed here. I strongly doubt I'll ever care enough to complain if you don't attribute them, but a credit and a link back to is very much appreciated. A shout out somewhere in your work is even better, if it fits in naturally. Do what thou will.

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