RELEASE | Thirty Foot Snake | by The Thons
Thirty Foot Snake
by The Thons

Thirty Foot Snake
by The Thons
Chicago rock band The Thons has released "Thirty
Foot Snake" as a follow-up album to their debut
album "Raw. Real. Rock." The new album follows the
same recording principles as the first: record the
whole thing live in one afternoon. There are no
splices, edits or overdubs. Drums, bass, guitar and
vocals are recorded from the same take for each
song. This approach contradicts the modern
sterilized, surgical approach to recording by
combining the live energy and flaws of the band to
create a unique, memorable piece of music.
Track list
1 - Thirty Foot Snake
2 - Wars Most Won
3 - Here I Am
4 - Dead On The News
5 - Violate
6 - Make Me Believe In You
7 - 19.99 Monthly
8 - Strummy Song
Songwriting / Performance by The Thons
Self-Released by The Thons
Recording Engineer: Dave Vettraino
Mastering Engineer: Dave Vettraino
Studio: Public House Sound Recordings | Chicago, IL
Cover Art: Matty Cipov |

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Copyright: The Thons
MP3 Bitrate: 256 - 320 kbps
Download Size: 52.36MB
Running Time: 27:42
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