RELEASE | Raw. Real. Rock. | by The Thons
Raw. Real. Rock.
by The Thons

Raw. Real. Rock.
by The Thons
"Raw. Real. Rock." is the debut album from
Chicago based rock group The Thons. The
album contains eight tracks recorded in an
afternoon at Public House Sound Recordings
by Dave Vettraino in Chicago, Illinois. All tracks
are live takes: bass, guitar, drums and vocals
were recorded at the same time with no
overdubs, splices or anything. The final mix
was recorded to a four-track analog tape
machine before being brought into the
computer for final mastering.
Track list
1 - Miles Away
2 - Daylight
3 - In Any Way
4 - Wasted
5 - From Mars
6 - Megaton Lights
7 - Giving You Up
8 - Ha, Ha, Ha
Songwriting / Performance by The Thons
Self-Released by The Thons |August, 2013
Recording Engineer: Dave Vettraino
Mastering Engineer: Dave Vettraino
Studio: Public House Sound Recordings | Chicago, IL
Cover Art: Graham |

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Copyright: The Thons
MP3 Bitrate: 256 - 320 kbps
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Running Time: 21:26

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