RELEASE | Master Flea | by The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra
Master Flea
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Release Tracks


Bonus files

This release includes:
  • 01 Overture Frankfurt, Christmas 1821.pdf

  • 02 The Flea Tamer.pdf

  • 03 Once Upon A Time.pdf

  • 04 Not One To Take A Wife.pdf

  • 05 Keyhole Song.pdf

  • 06 If I Could Step Inside Your Mind.pdf

  • 07 Master Flea's Lullaby.pdf

  • 08 I Sleep Amongst The Tall, Tall Flowers.pdf

  • 09 The Flea Circus.pdf

  • 10 The Thoughts of Kamptz.pdf

  • 13 Master Flea's Song About The Wisdom Of Animals.pdf

  • 16 The Flea National Anthem.pdf

Release details:

Copyright: The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra
MP3 Bitrate: 256 kbps
Download Size: 84.68MB
Running Time: 46:03
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