RELEASE | DoE "Part 4" DLC | by The Indelicates
DoE "Part 4" DLC
by The Indelicates

If you play computer games, you'll know that one of the most unpopular trends in that industry is the idea of Paid DLC - bonus content that completes a game after release that gamers have to pay for. Because we love alienating people with ART - we have decided to do the same. We present, therefore, the fourth part of Diseases of England featuring 4 entirely new studio recorded songs + 10 original DoE demos + art + a preview poster for the next thing.

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This release has a fixed price of £5.55
After paypal fees, 85% will go to the artist.

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Bonus files

This release includes:
  • doedlcrear.jpg

  • p4dlc.jpg

  • procks copy.jpg

Release details:

Copyright: The Indelicates
MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps
Download Size: 130.97MB
Running Time: 56:48
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