RELEASE | Lacuna EP | by The Arcadian Minstrel
Lacuna EP
by The Arcadian Minstrel

Lacuna - the space between the notes, where the true meaning is heard.

A blend of the baroque, the melancholy, the uplifting, and all things between. Sometimes, only silence captures the human condition. Silence only gains meaning when there is music to surround it.

Imagine waking tomorrow, and all music has disappeared.

The Arcadian Minstrel artist photo Copyright Tom Garnett 2016. Original released via Creative Commons:

"Lacuna" album artwork Copyright Julie Kilminster 2016.

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This release includes:
  • Arcadian Minstrel Artist Photo.jpg

  • Lacuna Album Cover.jpg

Release details:

Copyright: The Arcadian Minstrel
MP3 Bitrate: 256 kbps
Download Size: 57.98MB
Running Time: 31:40
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