RELEASE | Between The Station And The Sea | by Pog
Between The Station And The Sea
by Pog

Between The Station And The Sea is our twelfth album, and the biggest yet - we've roped in friends of ours to fill it all out with cello, violin, saxophone, accordion and even a semi-functioning omnichord. The end result is a melancholy affair that darts between breakneck gypsy punk and chamber folk.

Topics vary, as you'd expect, but the general themes are car boot sale early birds (Magpies), the poverty porn of certain political activists (Class War), a lady who feeds the birds in the park (Pigeon Lady), dementia (Harry), the cuts (Kings And Queens), growing older in Brighton (Between The Station And The Sea), dismal relationships (One Of Those Couples) and plenty more besides.

The few that have heard it thus far have offered some comparisons, namely Beirut, Yann Tierson, The Violent Femmes, The Astronauts and The Tiger Lillies.

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