Diseases Of England

A diverse, bitter and blistering record that veers between electronic fury and swooning balladeering without ever losing sight of their trademark Brechtian theatricality – The Indelicates’ fourth LP is the album that an Aristocratically governed, Jubilee celebrating England deserves…

[Available Digitally from Corporate Records]

Now available on CD:

CD only

[scabn name=”Diseases of England CD only” options_name=”Select Your Location” options=”UK:11,Rest of World:13″ qty_field = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]

Lyric Book only

[scabn name=”Diseases of England Lyric Book” options_name=”Select Your Location” options=”UK:8,Rest of World:10″ qty_field = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]

CD + Lyric Book Bundle

(including free Indelicates Tarot Card)

[scabn name=”Diseases of England CD + Lyric Book + Tarot Card” options=”UK:16,Rest of World:18″ qty_field = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]

CD + Lyric Book + ‘Indelicates on Video’ DVD Bundle

(including free Indelicates Tarot Card)

[scabn name=”DoE CD+ Lyric Book + ‘Indelicates on Video’ DVD” options=”UK:24,Rest Of World:27″ qty_field = “true” b_title=”Add To Cart”]


The Vinyl LP features a 12″ and 7″ plus additional artwork and credits. It is now OUT OF PRE-ORDER and AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!

vinyl only:

[scabn name=”Diseases Of England on Vinyl” options_name=”Select Your Location” options=”UK:23, Rest Of World:26″  b_title=”Add To Cart”]

vinyl + lyric book:

[scabn name=”Diseases Of England on Vinyl + lyric book” options_name=”Select Your Location” options=”UK:28, Rest Of World:31″ b_title=”Add To Cart”]

vinyl + lyric book + DVD

[scabn name=”Diseases Of England on Vinyl + lyric book + DVD” options_name=”Select Your Location” options=”UK:35, Rest Of World:38″ b_title=”Add To Cart”]


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