We make books too. We made a book of poetry in 2009 because we couldn’t escape from our commercially obsolete record contract and wanted to make something that wouldn’t legally belong to anyone else. The lyric books that we now make to accompany records are, admittedly, an attempt to cash in on the demand for lyrics inside CD booklets that we can’t really afford to factor into the manufacturing costs of CDs – but they are also amazing because we spend ages on them adding footnotes and writing elaborate essays, forewords and lists of further reading. They’re among our favourite things we make…

D.K.S. – An Unfilmable Screenplay

We believe that the only way to adapt our ludicrous concept album would be to turn it into a ludicrous Ken Russell style movie musical – unfortunately, such films will never be made again because musicals don’t make any money. With this fully realised screenplay that fleshes out the story, clarifies plot details and describes what might have been – you can enjoy the film it will never be in the cinema of your imagination…

with foreword

DKS Screenplay Book

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The Book of Job: The Musical! Complete Annotated Script

With one-hundred footnotes, the complete guitar chords, instructive photographs, and every last word of the show lovingly transcribed – This package contains everything you need to perform Simon Indelicate’s Book of Job: The Musical in your own home!

Job Script


Lyric Books


David Koresh Superstar Lyric Book


Songs For Swinging Lovers Lyric Book


Diseases Of England Lyric Book

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Flopsy Bunney and His Friends

A rather odder book, this peculiar tome, in which a possibly deranged bunny introduces you to his friends – a colourful assortment of Disco Birds, Noble Seals, Austrian Germanoglot Marmots and Old Teddies – is for children and adults alike. I swear to god you will love it.

Flopsy Bunney Book

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Felix The Fieldmouse

This one is about a mouse who is terrified of bonfire night. You can look inside it at our children’s site here, or buy the audiobook here or just listen to the story here:

Then buy a copy because it’s ace:

Felix The Fieldmouse, Paperback Book

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Words By…

Our poetry book, currently available only as a print-on-demand paperback from lulu: HERE

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